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Hey, I'm Abi! 🐝

I'm the one you go to when a cookie-cutter template won't do the trick. You need masterful messaging mixed in with data-backed conversion practices to turn your high-ticket course into cash-on demand. And you won't settle for anything less.

Over the last five years, I've worked on more than 100 webinar funnels. I've trained with some of the world's leading copywriters. And I've refined my signature creative-conversion process to get you the highest conversion rates possible.

Oh, and another thing...

If you're looking for old-school direct response copy, you won't find that here. What you'll find is controlled messaging that you can repurpose across your funnel. Copy that creates those "OMG you totally get me!" moments that build the Know, Like & Trust factor. So your prospects aren't panicked into buying a course they'll never finish. They're empowered to become successful buyers.

From first-time launchers to seven-figure veterans, 100+ course creators have used my launch copy

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course creator logos.png
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A couple more things you oughta know about me...

✍️  I've been freelancing for 10 years (yowza!)

✈️  I'm the co-founder of the Nomad Copywriter Starter Kit 

💡  I majored in Philosophy & English where I learned how to form really good argument

♟️ I played competitive chess for 15 years. No surprises there... since copywriters are obsessed with strategic thinking!

🙌  Since words are magic, I only sell courses I believe in!

Wanna get to know me better?

Let's have coffee. ☕

I don't bite... But my copy sure packs a punch! 👊

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