A thousand words paint the perfect picture. Let's start with your brand.

Branded Web Copy For Your Target Audience

Every business needs a brand. Without a brand, you cannot convey to your customers what makes you unique and you cannot convince them to choose you over your competitors. 

Working with a branding copywriter can help you better understand your brand message and your mission. I will help you to refine your target audience and hone in on what makes you unique.

Once we have a clear vision of your brand, I will put this picture into words. The copy I write is more than branded content. It is content that is optimized to persuade your target customer that your brand is worth investing in. 

A thousand words can paint the perfect picture but with a clear brand vision, sometimes all it takes is a sentence.

Branding Session

What is your business all about?

Before I write anything, we will book in a brainstorming session to discuss your brand and create profiles of your target audience. It is your brand vision and knowledge of your customer base that will shape the content on your website. We will then devise a content plan driven by your business goals.

Content Creation

What is your brand voice?

When we have agreed on a content brief, I will start drafting your web copy. I will write and rewrite your copy until I succinctly channel your brand voice.


I use proven copywriting practices to connect with your audience on an emotional level and drive sales behaviour. 


How will people find you?

Once my draft has been approved, I will optimize the content based on the best SEO practices.


My web packages include backend and on-page SEO to help your future costumers find you on Google. SEO should never interfere with your brand voice.

Success With Clients

Sometimes, it's best to let the words speak for themselves. Head to my portfolio to take a look at some of my writing samples. You can also take a look at testimonials from my web copy clients below.

"In the few months since joining, Abigail has brought a huge bout of fantastic input into our company and team development. We're excited to be collaborating with her going forward."

- Jake, Founder at Mindful Chess

"Thanks Abi for all time, help and energy with helping me to grow my online business. You really know your stuff and it shows! I would 100% recommend you!"

- Empathella, Holistic Healer and Psychic Medium

"Abi helped us revise our website copy for better optimization. She is very thorough, professional and excellent at knowing how to speak to your audience. Thank You for your expert guidance!"

- Serena, CEO and Co-Founder at GrapeUnknown

When you collaborate with APT Content, you work side by side with a copywriter who is dedicated to understanding your brand.

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