Web Copy That Sells

Get more paying clients with web copy that converts

What's your prospect's biggest problem? What's the solution? How can we position your services as the bridge between the two?

Is your website missing a clear and consistent message?

Is the purpose of each page immediately clear?

Are people landing on your page but not taking action?

Is your web content lacking the fire that sparked your business idea?

Is your website confusing your customers?

Are you missing from Google?

Never again lose a customer because they were confused by what you put on the page

PHASE ONE: The Research

Who are your services for?

The key to high-converting web copy is all in the research. Before I write anything, we schedule a brainstorming session to discuss your brand and create profiles of your target audience. It is up to you how hands-on you want to be at this stage. Need an extra session to share a sudden burst of inspiration? Let's do it. Want me to craft your brand voice while you take care of business? That's fine too.

Brainstorm to Success
Legal Research and Writing

PHASE TWO: Content Creation

What makes your services the best?

When we have agreed on a content brief, I'll start drafting your web copy. This is where all the training I've invested in conversion copy and offer positioning will come in handy. While you sit back and relax, I'll get to work crafting web copy that engages your ideal prospects and nudges them towards action.​


Not 100% happy with your copy? I get it. I'm a perfectionist too. That's why unlimited revisions are included in every package up until you go live.

PHASE THREE: Opitmization

How will people find you?

In the final stage, I optimize your copy to make sure it appears on Google when people search for your business or services. This gives you an additional source of traffic and establishes you as an authority business if people choose to look you up online. My unique positioning as an SEO and conversion copywriter means your copy is built to operate at all stages of the marketing funnel.

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My web copy clients love my copy like they love my results

I've written copy for dozens of websites and sales pages. 99% of the time, my clients come back to me for their next copywriting job. You can also take a look at some recent examples of my web copy below.

post 5.png
han law group.jpg

"The Law Firm Other Lawyers Come To For Advice"

Han Law Group hired me to write the copy for their new website. During our brainstorming session, Ms. Han explained in a passing comment that other lawyers often call her to find out about changes in immigration law. That's when I found my angle. 

post 5.png

"First-date facials, "I woke up like this" lashes, Insta-worthy brows, catch-ups at the nail bar, a place to leave responsibilities at the door and say "yes" to self-care."

The founder of Beaux came to me to inject some personality into the Beaux brand voice. We got it right first time!

Say goodbye to "uhmm it's in progress" copy. It's time to build the website that you're proud to share

"How much will it cost?" and other answers

Do you also do web design?

I designed my website but I am not trained in web design so it's not something I do for clients. I am connected to some fantastic designers who specialize in WordPress and Wix. When you work with Site Creatives Marketing and APT Content as your all-in-one website solution, we offer a discount. Contact me to learn more about our packages.

Can you give me an estimate of what a website will cost?

I offer custom quotes so I can make sure I have the right amount of time put aside for each client. A lot of the work happens in the research phase, which is why I charge a minimum fee of $600. For a five page website, you can usually expect to pay around $950. If I'm really excited about the project and want to work with you longterm, I will likely offer a discount.

I consider myself to be a good writer. Will it really make a difference hiring you as opposed to writing it myself?

If you're a good writer, you might be able to put something together yourself. The difference is that I've written over 25 websites and trained for six years as a conversion copywriter. I've studied how users react to different hooks and I know what type of button copy will get the click. If I can generate tens of thousands of dollars with the web copy on my own site, I can do the same for you too.

I want to work with you but I'm on a budget. Can you still help?

If you're on a budget but want to work with me, I recommend booking a free consultation so we can discuss your options.

Do you take on every client you work with?

In short... no. I only work with clients that I know I can deliver results for. That means I almost always say no to e-commerse and SAAS. I also have a limited number of slots available each week. So if you like what you see, book a call to reserve a spot on my timetable before it fills up.

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