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Personalized Instagram Cheat Sheet

What if you knew WHAT to post on Instagram, WHEN to post it, and WHO to engage with?

Posting on Instagram is time-consuming but you have probably discovered by now that paying for someone to post on Instagram for you can be expensive. It is difficult to decide whether Instagram is worth investing in, especially when you are not quite sure what the benefits of marketing on Instagram are, let alone how to achieve them.

Clients often come to me asking for ideas on what content to post and complain that they are struggling to grow their followers organically. They have tried posting pictures of their products with generic hashtags but haven't yet developed a content strategy that produces consistent results.


I understand that posting on Instagram without a strategy or direction can be frustrating, especially when you put effort into your posts and only get a handful of likes. I'm also aware that there are tonnes of social media courses out there but that their "one size fits all" approach to Instagram doesn't work for everyone.

My Personalized Instagram Cheat Sheet gives you a mix of proven Instagram techniques tailored to your unique business by a social media expert.

Here's What You Get...

A personalized guide to using Instagram to promote your business!

WHAT To Post

I will show you how to...

  • Create content that provides genuine value to your target audience.

  • Post content consistentlyintentionally and strategically.

  • Write captions with a clear Call To Action (CTA) so your audience knows how to follow up on your post.

  • Use Instagram Stories to connect with different audiences.

  • Post hashtags to reach your audience. 

  • Create targeted campaigns to achieve your business goals.

Specially for you...

WHEN To Post

I will show you how to..

  • Make use of your insights to find out when your followers are most likely to engage with your posts.

  • Plan content & promos around holidays and special occasions.

  • Use weekday hashtags for post inspiration and consistency.

  • A list of researched hashtags in your niche to get you started.

  • Advice on how to use hashtags to reach the right people.

  • Ideas for campaigns to promote your brand.

post 8.png

Specially for you...

  • A list of the most popular posting times for engagement in your time zone.

  • A list of themed hashtags to formulate planned posts.

post 6.png

WHO To Engage With

I will show you how to...

  • Identify and profile your target audience.

  • Choose which hashtags to follow and engage with to increase your followers.

  • Use direct messaging to convert followers into customers.

  • Engage with other accounts authentically.


  • A guide to Instagram takeovers and how to use them to grow your business.

  • An introduction to influencer marketing and how to use influencers to grow your brand.

post 2.png

Why You Should Get The Cheat Sheet!

Save money on marketing by creating your own content.

Save time by planning your posts and developing a content strategy.

Develop your brand by creating consistent content in line with your brand message.

Convert followers into customers by creating compeling CTAs.

Get advice & feedback on your Instagram efforts so far.

Quit the guesswork! Get your personalized strategy from a social media expert and make the most of Instagram for business.


NOW $75!!

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