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How do you travel so much without running out of money?" your friends ask.

You reply: 

"I'm a nomad copywriter."

To the go-getter with a love of words and a thirst for adventure...

I once made the mistake of believing I had to choose between being a free spirit and having a career. 

Between long-haul flights and a house deposit. Creating wild stories or financial security.​

Maybe you've felt it too.

When you get home from a trip, you're on a high, filled with ideas for your next adventure. But as the days roll by, the same worries cross your banana split mind:

Shouldn't I be saving more than I spend?

Can I afford to take any more time off work?

Is it time to get serious about my career?

Y'know, all the thoughts you weren't having when you were running barefoot along the ivory coast. 


Now, you've got your SO and your landlord on your back. Plus a bank account that's got a zero in the wrong place. 


So you suck it up and get back to work, scribbling "elephant mud baths" on your bucket list. 

Rice terraces. Volcano hikes. Baby orangutangs and chilli shots.  You can't pack all your wanderlust  into a single trip. And why should you?

If your feet are as itchy as mine, chances are this isn't the first time you've had online work on your mind.

After all, if you could maintain a steady income while you embrace the life of the nomad, all your problems would be solved. 

...If only it were that easy.

After slogging through crypto scams, AI posts and unpaid internships, making $0.02 a word to write about plumbing systems seems like your best option. Only you have to do an unpaid trial first. And SEO knowledge is a must. (Ugh.)

But what if I told you there is a way you can earn a "yep, I'll have avocado with that" income online?

A way that doesn't require heaps of luck, good connections, or previous experience...

That allows you to turn your love of words into skills that are so in-demand, you get to set your own hours, your own rates, and be location independent?

Hey! Abi here. Nomad copywriting helped me go from freelance panic to $15K months

I'm a nomad copywriter / living proof that you don't need any marketing experience to build a thriving copywriting business.

I went full-time freelance in 2018 and since then, I've been honing my skills, relying solely on online work to fund my nomad lifestyle.

By 2019, I'd cracked the code for landing clients on-demand. I used my copy chops to fund my travels to Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Bali... to name a few. In 2021, I scaled my business to $10K a month.

Now, I'm on a mission to show other dreamers that you don't need to choose between your career and the wanderlust life.

You CAN have both. And I'm gonna show you how. 


Introducing: The Nomad Copywriter Starter Kit. Get the tools & resources you need to master copywriting basics + land clients. So you always have a means of generating income. No matter where you are in the world.

We've taken everything we've learned over 15+ years as digital nomads and turned it into a step-by-step guide on how to write copy, land clients, and make great money. Even if you've never written a word of copy. Even if you're fresh outta school.

nomac copywriter mockup.png

Work from anywhere in the world

All you need is a laptop to get paid to write copy. You don't need an office. Or to be in the same timezone as your clients. Contrary to popular belief, you don't even need a website. All you need is access to a laptop and a WiFi connection to make money as a copywriter. No matter where you are in the world.

Charge $50/hr in your first 6 months

Even as a brand new copywriter, you're in demand. Meaning you shouldn't be charging less than $25/hr. When you complete three projects successfully, you can bump up your rate by $25. So if you write six sales pages over the next six months, your new minimum hourly rate is $75/hr. Go figure.

Choose your own hours

More of a night owl than an early bird? Awesome. Me too. As a nomad copywriter, you have the luxury of choosing when you work and when you rest. Unless you're on a retainer, if a client emails at 9 am, you don't have to reply at 9 am. You set your own hours and your clients must respect that. After all, you're the boss.

Build something to call your own

Being your own boss means you can raise your rates when YOU want... not when some stuffy CEO decides you can have an extra $0.20/hr. But it also means that you're building something to call your own. Be it an online reputation or a fully-fledged copywriting business. It's yours.

abi and mary announcement photo-min 2.jpeg

The Nomad Copywriter Starter Kit is brought to you by two conversion copywriters

Mary Blackiston is the founder of Nomad Copywriting. She writes personality-packed conversion copy for online course-creators and coaches. Mary has spent the last ten years as a digital nomad. She's obsessed with slow travel, the psychology behind copywriting, and plant-based living.

Abi Prendergast (aka moi) is the founder of APT Content. My copy has generated multi-six figures for clients.  And I'm wildly in love with the nomad copywriting lifestyle.

Look guys, we're legit!

conversion credibility badges.png

When you bag this freedom fixing bundle, you'll kick things off with our 3-in-1 e-book

ebook mockup 1.png

Master Copywriting Basics

(VALUE: $97)

Get clear on WHAT copywriting is and HOW to write copy that clients will pay top dollar for. Discover how to:

✔️ Write any type of copy with our fool-proof writing process

✔️ Charge higher rates for your copy by mastering these essential copywriting rules

✔️ Polish your copy with modern copywriting techniques that will set you apart from the crowd

...And learn from real-life examples of copy in action.

Land clients (without any experience) (VALUE: $97)

Finally, a reliable way to land clients without being a veteran copywriter. These tested and proven strategies will show you how to:

✔️ Get paid copywriting gigs on Facebook, Instagram, and Upwork

✔️ Reach out to your dream clients and actually get a reply

✔️ Turn your first gig into recurring paid projects

*As for that bitter blog you read on why you shouldn't bother with Upwork...we've got an $8K proposal that says otherwise.*

land clients mockup ebook.png
nomad mockup ebook.png

Become a digital nomad

(VALUE: $97)

How do you convince a CEO in a suit you're an expert when you've been raving til 5 am on a remote island in Thailand? We'll show you how.


Discover how to build a reputation as an in-demand copywriter while traveling on a budget. So you can travel the world AND build your savings.

✔️ How to thrive as a digital nomad


✔️ How to build more freedom into your business

"I no longer feel like my head is spinning for the first time in months!"

“When I bought the guide, I’d already purchased some great copywriting training. But I found myself overwhelmed with the depth & technicality. I needed something simple & accessible to give me the steps I needed in order to start.

The Nomad Starter Kit was exactly what I needed. I went old school & printed off the action step pages & have already happily checked off steps. I read through it twice & got to work, no longer feeling like my head was spinning for the first time in months!

Now i’m researching where to spend a few months with my family this fall, putting my skills & newfound freedoms to use.

The kit is super cute, but also super clear. It’s a great way to hit the ground running & move toward your dreams. Thanks Abi & Mary!"

Tara Lassiter
New nomad copywriter

tara lassiter.jpg

Support your learning with
5 EXCLUSIVE video tutorials

before starting the kit.png
audit video mockup.png
over the shoulder ads screenshot.png
landing page mockup video.png
Organic Floral Desktop Mockup Small Business Saturday Promo Instagram Post .png

Here's how to get the most out of this kit

See how Mary kicks off a $497 web audit
(VALUE: $17)

Write your own FB ad alongside an OTS tutorial
(VALUE: $37)

Watch me close a $2K+ deal in 15 minutes!
(VALUE: $27)

5 types of copy clients will pay you $$$ to write
(VALUE: $27)

Ben went from $30 blog posts to $750 sales pages in 4 days...

lovely ben.jpg

“I'm super impressed with the value of this course. It covers a huge range of copywriting skills and it's shown me how to go about finding my own clients too. I no longer write endless blog posts now than I can earn more doing one or two sales pages instead. I highly recommend this to anyone who's even remotely curious about copywriting. This training will show you the way!!"
Ben Saffell
Content writer

Ann Marie and her partner are selling their house so they have the freedom to travel!

"Thank you so much for creating this course. I have become obsessed with copywriting! I can’t stop thinking about it, I can’t wait to get started, I am so excited. My partner and I are selling our house so that we can have freedom to travel!"

Anne Marie
Brand new copywriter

anne marie.jpg

A few weks after enrolling, Lucie landed her first web copy project!

lucie testimonial.jpg

"When I’ve joined your group I didn’t know about your course. It was a huge surprise and I gave it to myself as a Christmas present. I’ve read many books and I’ve seen too many videos but I wasn’t sure how to apply it until I read your eBook and saw your videos.

You are explaining it so well that it gave me the courage to ask my friends if someone would like to rewrite their website and one of them said yes.
Before web copy was quite scary but you gave me clarity and hope I can do it and I would like to thank you for that." 
Lucie Zovincova

Brand new copywriter

TRACK your progress with
end-of-module CHECKLISTS


Plus SIX swoon-worthy BONUSES to fast track your success...

The headline swipe file (VALUE: $27)

Swipe from our list of high-converting headline formulas. So you can write A+ FB ads, sales pages, and web copy right away.

Email templates for landing clients (VALUE: $27)

Use our proven email templates to reach out to brands that'll have you jumping up and down with joy when they write back.

Essential copywriter phrases (VALUE: $9)

Knowing these essential marketing phrases will help you avoid awkward conversations with clients.

Client interview questionnaire (VALUE: $27)

Use these questions to get to know the client's brand so well, the copy will practically write itself.

The "Is my copy any good?" checklist (VALUE: $27)

How will you know if your work is any good? Get confident your copy is worth the big bucks with Mary's copywriting checklist.


Facebook ads workbook & template (VALUE: $37)

Add high-converting ad copy to your services with this nifty FB ads formula.

Total Value: $563

 ONLY  ̷9̷7̷ $47

"Becoming a nomad copywriter no longer feels impossible."


“I've just dug into the second section and I'm really loving it so far! The kit breaks it all down into something accessible that I can understand. Becoming a copywriter no longer feels impossible. I can see the first steps really clearly laid out. I'm going to continue working through and taking notes. Thanks so much for this. I really appreciate you both!"
Sadie Willis
Music journalist

"I'm already putting into action what I've learned...and it's working!"

"Abi and Mary have covered all of the topics you need to know when you are just starting out in the copywriting biz, in a way that is super accessible and inspiring.

This kit has given me the tools, tips and tricks I needed to start getting paid work straight away, and the confidence to put myself in front of prospective clients. I’m already putting into action what I’ve learned and…it’s working!
These ladies have created something genuinely special that will no doubt help countless aspiring copywriters as they embark on their journeys to Nomad-hood. Thank you!" 

Holly James
Brand new copywriter

holly picture.jpg

Nope, you don't need a marketing background.  Here are more As to your Qs

Just to be clear, what *is* copywriting exactly?

Copywriting is writing that persuades readers to take action. To sign up for a newsletter. To donate to a worthy cause. To take the leap and invest in a life-changing course. It's the words on a website, social media posts, billboards, press releases, festival announcements. Even the stuff you read when you buy from Amazon. The copytunities are endless. 

But don't worry, inside the kit, we'll walk you through exactly what copy *is* vs what it isn't. So you can make sure you're charging $50/hr copywriter fees. And explain to your friends how you fund your nomad lifestyle.


Can I *really* get paid to write copy without experience?

Everybody has to start somewhere. I started getting paid to write copy when I was fresh out of college... and I majored in philosophy -- not business.  Inside the kit, you'll get the tools Mary & I use every day to land clients and write copy that converts. Only with this step-by-step roadmap, you get to skip over the $0.02 a word bit and get paid for the specialist skills you'll have once you've worked through this bundle.

bali postcard.png

How much money can I really make as a copywriter?

We're not here to sell you on the get-rich-quick fantasy. We're introducing you to a career that allows you to be your own boss, work online, and scale to the level YOU want. 

Sure, there are copywriters out there that charge $50K for one project. That charge $2K/hr. And if you want to get there one day, what's to stop you?

But if you're interested to find out how in her FIRST year of copywriting, Mary made...

➡️ $850 for a single blog post

➡️ $3k for 3 pages of web copy

➡️ $8K for her first funnel (it was her first launch!)

➡️ $4K for her very first sales page

...without showing any results, portfolio, testimonials. And without relying on a single referral.

Or how I bumped my hourly rate from $25 to $125 after joining the right Facebook groups... you're in the right place. 

OK, I'm sold. Will I have lifetime access?

Of course! Once you've made your one-time payment, it's yours forever. Even if we switch platforms. Even if we sell the bundle for a higher price.

There's SO much in here... why's it only $97?

When Mary and I started out, we didn't have money to invest in online courses. We wanted to create something affordable so you can get into copywriting without having to make a big upfront investment. That way, when you're ready to uplevel, you'll already have money coming through the door. 

Does this course cover AI?

Nope. This is your nuts and bolts of freelance copywriting. If you want to learn about leveraging AI as a copywriter, you'll have to find another course for that. In 2024, our businesses are thriving with it out it.

A final note from yours truly...

Still on the fence? I get it. There are tons of programs out there and they all promise an easy route to six-figure success while you work from a beach in Dubai.

Well, here's the thing with all that...

The road to six figures is never pain-free. And if you actually work on the beach, your laptop will get wet and sandy. Good luck trying to meet deadlines when half your kybrd's nt wrkng.

Truth is, this course won't bring you $20K months overnight. And it's likely not going to be the last copywriting course you'll ever take. 

What the Nomad Copywriter Starter Kit will give you is the tools you need to get started on your copywriting journey. The foundational copywriting principles that'll save your cheeks from flushing red when clients question why you chose the headline you did. Plus a clear roadmap for landing you can actually experience what it's like to get $2K wired to your account while you're sampling dim sum on The Bund.

As for the nomad piece, Mary and I both became copywriters so we had the freedom to travel. We hope that you'll take what we've learned along the way and use it as a jumping-off point for your own adventures.

Bon voyage,

Abi 🐝

print for nc kit 2.png
print for nc kit_edited.png

Make great money while you travel the world.
Get INSTANT ACCESS to the tools you need to become a nomad copywriter

The Nomad Copywriter 3-in-1 e-book

✔️ Master the copywriting basics (VALUE: $97)

✔️ Land clients (without any experience) (VALUE: $97)

✔️ Become a digital nomad (VALUE: $97)

5 VIDEO Modules

🎥 How to get the most out of this kit

🎥 Know your sales page from your landing page (VALUE: $37)

🎥 Audit in action! (VALUE: $17)

🎥 5-minute Facebook ads (VALUE: $37)

🎥 Example sales call (VALUE: $37)

5 value-packed BONUSES

💥 The headline swipe file (VALUE: $17)
💥 Email templates for landing clients (VALUE: $27)
💥 The Essential Copywriting Phrasebook (VALUE: $9)
💥 Client interview questionnaire (VALUE: $27)
💥 Facebook ads workbook (VALUE: $37)

✈️ Access to our private Nomad Copywriter Facebook community (PRICELESS!)

nomac copywriter mockup.png

Total Value: $563

 ONLY  ̷$̷9̷7̷ $47

"Overwhelmed, anxious and outta my depth... this is exactly how I felt after investing in various "get-rich-quick" copywriting courses. 

But the Nomad Copywriter Starter Kit is a breath of fresh air. 

Not only is it pitched at my level (wet-behind-the-ears-newb here… hollaaa) BUT Abi and Mary pass on their expertise in an accessible (beginner-friendly) way. 

And the best part?

These guys are in the trenches with you. They aren’t wanna-be “gurus” - copywriting is what they do day in, day out. 

They’ve made the mistakes (so you don’t have to). They’ve got the results. And they’re willing to give you everything they know for a measly 47 buckaroos.

(I mean, the bonuses are worth that alone!)


"Snap this up before they realise it’s *easily* worth 5 times as much!"

rob craig testimonial.png

I know it sounds cheesy... but I genuinely feel like this course was made specifically for me

This Starter Kit has given me the confidence to reach out to clients without feeling like a greasy used car salesman – and actually GET PAID TO WRITE!

So, if you’ve ANY interest in getting paid (decent money) to write words whether you’re on the beach in Bali or sitting at your parents’ house in your tighty-whities - snap this up NOW! 

(seriously, I’d do it before they realise it’s *easily* worth 5 times as much)"

Rob Craig
Fitness instructor & new copywriter

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