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SVG Superstar saw a 240% increase in sales

Jav came to me right before her launch date because her messaging wasn't connecting with her audience. Once I identified the problem, I repositioned her sales page copy to speak to her audience's actual desire - which turned out to be different to what she originally thought.

The result? 240% increase in conversions. The launch was such a big success, that Jav was finally able to go evergreen.



"I am SO happy with the results!"

“APT Content reworked the copy on my sales page to clarify the value of the offer. The way Abi positioned it was spot on. I just closed cart and I am SO happy with the results. Sales are up by 240% from my last launch! Abi gave lots of helpful suggestions for optimizing the page for conversions and the results speak for themselves. Thanks again Abi. You are awesome!!”
Javeriya Sid
Founder of SVG Business Boss

Practical TLS 50X'd their investment

Ed hired me to write the sales page for his new TLS/SSL course. Within the first few days, the $297 course sold 50X better than his low-ticket course. 

To date, Ed has sold almost 500 copies. Without a single live launch. And without Facebook ads.

>Click here to check out Ed's conversion-crushing sales page.

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"I felt like I was in the safe hands of an expert. And it shows even more so in the results."

"Abi wrote the copy for my high-ticket course. So far, it has sold 50x better than my last low-ticket offer. I was impressed by how much goes into producing a high-converting sales page. Every decision was thought-out and justified. I felt like I was in the safe hands of an expert. And it shows even more so in the results."
Ed Harmoush
Founder of Practical Networking

Some snackable stats about my ad copy...

✍️ Emily brought in thousands of leads. Every single month.

✔️  Destinee made over $100K in the 4 months I was writing her ad copy

💡  Colton pulled $40K a month in profit from cold traffic

🎸 Taylor was making $12K a month before ad spend

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"Our clients saw their monthly profits grow by 3x, 5x, 10x!"

"Abi wrote copy for literally hundreds of ads for our clients, most of whom sell digital products. These ads were used in campaigns that allowed our clients to grow rapidly, seeing their monthly profits grow by 3x, 5x, 10x, and more over the course of a few months. Abi is also just a very pleasant and fun person, and I highly recommend working with her!"
Ronald Kimmons
Co-founder of Wingfire Media

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