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How APT Content Can Help You Get More Guests

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

Whether you are running a boutique hotel in London or a backpacker’s hostel in Southeast Asia, there will be one thing that you can all agree on. The market is crowded.

Every year, hundreds and thousands of new accommodations are opened to the public. In fact, Marriott alone are reportedly planning on opening 1,700 hotels in the next three years. Combine that with what’s already out there and that’s a whole lot of choices for your potential guests to choose from.

So how do you stand out?

With the help of a killer copywriter.

APT Content offer unique content packages designed to get you ranking higher on Google and performing better on social media.

Here are some of the services I offer.

Landing Page Makeovers

We probably don’t need to tell you that the landing page is pretty much the most important part of your website. It’s the first thing people see when they click on your site and if it’s poorly written, you will lose a percentage of your prospective customers before they can even view your more than reasonable room prices.

You may have written your landing page in your native language and then translated to English. This is great as you can now target a vast group of English-speaking customers.

The trouble is, English content works differently to other types of content. The witty and persuasive sentences you wrote in Mandarin or Spanish might not translate as persuasively in English.

This is where APT Content comes in. All of our content is currently produced by native English speakers who know how to use language to increase conversion rates.

In other words, let us give your landing page a makeover and you will notice more people who land on your page spend longer on your site. The next step is seeing these visitors book a room.

Social Media Strategy

In the modern age, marketing isn’t just about ranking highly on Google searches. You can rank poorly on Google but still receive an influx of guests if your social media is up to scratch.

Instagram now has over 500 million users and more and more people admit to booking accommodation based on Facebook recommendations.

Sure, putting money into Facebook advertising ibut in our opinion, it’s better to have quality content that reaches less people than a shoddy add which reaches thousands.

At APT Content, we believe in the power of great content. We will tidy up your social media descriptions, give you tips on choosing the right pictures for your brand and we will write content for you that brings visitors to your site.

The best part is that we won’t write the content then leave you high and dry. We will share our social media strategy resources with you and advise you on how to proceed with your social media marketing in the future.

If you are already doing pretty well on the social media front, then that’s great. Good for you! We can design and launch a killer campaign directed at a specific goal. This could be reaching out to a new audience or getting your current fans to use the discount you have been trying to push.

If you are impressed by our results, our freelances work remotely and can continue managing your social media channels for a fee after we leave. There is no pressure for you to continue a working relationship after the exchange is complete though.

Blog Posts and Indirect Marketing

APT Content have produced press releases and have done indirect marketing for leading hotel brands including Ascott, Mandarin Oriental and Marriott.

These days, people are bombarded with adverts. Hence why we believe in the power of indirect marketing as a smart alternative.

By offering unique and helpful content, visitors are more likely to click than if another “15% of!!!” ad is shoved in their face.

Let us write a funny review for you or conduct a hard-hitting interview with your GM. Content like this will get you ranking higher on Google but it will also give you something unique to share on your platforms.

We don’t want to get you more half-hearted clicks. We want to inspire visitors who are going to show a genuine interest in your brand.

This is a basic rundown of what we offer but all of our content is tailored specifically to the brands we work with and the goals they have in mind.

Interested in collaborating with APT Content?

Contact me now to get a rundown of our content creation services and plans.

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