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The Best Freelancers Don't Fly Solo.

Referrals and Recommendations

Sometimes, getting the job done requires more than one person. I am closely connected with a team of talented freelancers who I regularly collaborate with on projects. This means that if you want more than web copy, I can arrange for an expert to take on your graphic design, web design, logo creation, or translation. By taking this route, you avoid the risk of working with a freelancer on a platform like Fiverr or Upwork. You also get the added benefit of knowing you are working with freelancers who are used to collaborating closely and mutually understand your brand vision.


Hong Diaz is a strategic web designer. She combines website strategy with branding and handcrafted design to create powerful websites that share your brand message.

Working with Hong is always a pleasure. Her website designs are extremely high quality and attract highend clients. 

Amy Peacock is a graphic designer training to be an architect. She creates brand logos, social media posts and ad images.

Amy is my personal go-to any time I need graphic design for my website or ad campaigns. She created my brand logo and works closely with me on Instagram campaigns for clients. 

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