It doesn’t take a course creator long to realize that getting sales isn’t as simple as setting up a sales page...

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"It wasn't working. And I didn't know why"

It's time to call in a conversion copywriter

If you want customers to fork over their credit card info, it’s going to take more than a series of rhetorical questions that they may or may not relate to. 


“Are you fed up with feeling X, Y, Z? Are you ready to ditch the overwhelm? Are you sick to death of reading the same old swipe copy?” 


OK, so that last one might be a pet peeve of mine. But maybe you feel it too. 


You’ve poured your heart and soul into bringing this course to life. Doesn’t your sales page deserve more than a freebie template you found on Facebook?


After all, you’re here for one reason and one reason only...


Your sales page isn’t converting as well as you thought.


And you just don’t know why.

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You feel weird handing over something so closely linked to your ROI to someone you met via a third-party platform

Maybe you’ve worked with freelancers in the past and they haven’t filled you with confidence. Or maybe you liked their first draft but ultimately, the copy just didn’t convert. You thought you could trust someone to get it done and all of a sudden, you can’t get hold of them for three days straight. When copy delivery day finally comes, you get the sinking feeling that they don’t understand your brand at all. 


The dream of financial freedom just moved a little further out of reach.

The Coca-Cola copywriters are out of your budget

You’ve probably heard a number of horror stories about digital marketing companies that promise “big results” and instead deliver fluff-filled copy that their interns swiped from a template. 

Maybe you would even consider parting with the lion’s share of your profits if you knew for a fact that the copy would deliver. But how can you know for sure?

Realistically, you don’t need the entire Coca-Cola team working on your sales page. You need a copywriter that can shine a light on the value of your offer and convince people to buy. They need to speak the language of ROI.

But where the Helvetica are these fluff-free, results-driven copywriters?

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You thought you could get away with using a template

You thought you would take a stab at writing your own copy but it’s not converting as well as you thought. Or maybe you haven’t gotten to that stage yet. Maybe after reviewing your copy, you can’t shake the feeling that most of what you wrote is guesswork. The rest relies on a free template you found online.

You hope that it will be enough to sell your course but deep down, you know that there is too much riding on your launch to play the guessing game. 

Wouldn’t you rather every single word on the page moved the reader towards the yes?

When it comes to conversion copywriting, there’s no room for guesswork.


Before a single word lands on your page, a conversion copywriter takes a deep dive into your Voice of Customer (VOC). We spend hours poking around the platforms and groups your ideal avatar interacts with so we can channel their voice so succinctly, they want to buy from you again and again.

While all this is happening, you get to focus on the areas of your business you excel at. I’ve invested thousands of hours into mastering the science of copywriting so you don’t have to. Let me handle the copy so you can confidently launch without giving up client time or family time.


Once you have a sales page that converts your offer into cash, the ROI of your webinars and ads will climb too.


Done For You Sales Page Copy

Sales page copy that sells well

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Never settle for a “looks OK to me” sales page again

I regularly write sales pages for 6-figure launches. I have been trained in copywriting by the best of the best aka Joanna Wiebe, the founder of Copyhackers and the masterminds behind Traffic & Funnels. I continue to have my work reviewed by world-class copywriters and train new copywriters in the science of conversion copy. 

I’ve contributed to hundreds of sales pages and know what makes a page convert and what makes it *just* miss out on the sale.  

I understand that failure is not an option. The beauty of working with a conversion copywriter is that we are just as committed to your ROI as you are. We love the art of creative writing, but we thrive off the science of getting results.

FREE Audit

Get a FREE audit on your current sales page before you commit. Simply send me a message with a link to your page in its current form. If it’s not launched yet, hop on a free consultation with me. You can present what you have or tell me what you need to know before you commit to making your sales page awesome. 

“Abi understands what users are looking for in the courses they buy and uses that knowledge to craft copy that converts. Her copy effectively moves people through each stage of the sales funnel and produces excellent results every time. Abi will save you a lot of time and her copy will get you better results than a fill-in-the-blanks template ever could.”


Michelle Fernandez

Founder of Michelle Fernandez Media

“Abi exceeded my expectations at every checkpoint. The whole process was simple and I was thrilled with the final result. Abi took the time to ask questions about my business before planning the content. I was amazed that she got it right the first time. I highly recommend working with Abi for a stress-free process with fantastic results.” 

Robin Bartel

CEO at Assured Investigations

This is what "Done For You Sales Page Copy" looks like in practice


What do your customers want most? What's their biggest problem right now? What makes your solution different to others out there? Conversion copy begins with understanding the person you are selling to. I do the research so you don't have to.


In a brainstorming session, I'll share my findings and pitch my "big idea." This is the special sauce that makes your offer the ideal solution for your ideal customer. Clarifying this shapes every word of the copy that follows.


While you take back your evenings, I'll get to work crafting your sales page. I use proven formulas and language unique to your VOC to create copy that sells. Your sales page just became a persuasion powerhouse.    


After I deliver your first draft, there are two revision stages. The first stage happens when you first review the copy. The second  happens once you have implemented the copy into your sales page. I'll make sure that everything is optimized for conversion.

The APT Content Promise

Copy that clarifies the value of your offer and shines light on your expertise

Guaranteed next-day response to emails during the working week

Guaranteed 15 working day delivery time (or your money back!)

Alternative hooks & headlines for you to choose from

Jump the queue for optional add-ons like email sequences and conversion ad copy

 ONLY $1895 until July 30th*

*$2895 after July 30th

"We were very pleased with Abi's work. She accommodated our schedules and was super thorough in our discussions. Abi asked questions about our business and marketing strategies that opened avenues which were previously unknown. She saved us a ton of money, while delivering the work in a timely manner. We're delighted to have found and plan to keep her expertise on board!"


Jaynie Henely and Holly Severson

Co-founders at Grace Untethered, Inc.

"Abigail is a copywriter with a business mind. She is focused on delivering results and inserts creativity where it is needed most. She is our go-to freelancer for copywriting projects and editing tasks. We've been lucky enough to have her in our corner for four years."

Jean-Jacques Verdun

CEO at San Jiao Ling

My audits are popular too...

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Yes, you can reserve your spot before the price goes up in July. Here are more answers!

What is a conversion copywriter?

Conversion copywriting is a powerhouse of persuasion. The conversion copywriter focuses on utilizing proven formulas, VOC, and selling points to achieve a specific action. The words that end up on the page aren't plucked out of thin air. They're there because they reflect the problems and solutions that connect with your customers the most.

What actually happens in the research stage?

Before we get started, you'll fill in a questionnaire clarifying your ideal customer and key competitors. In a 30-minute discovery call, we'll chat about your brand and unpack your ideal avatar further. Prior to writing, I'll gather a wealth of copy plucked straight from your target audience. I'll look at what they are tweeting and what they are posting on Facebook groups. I'll even look into the reviews they share on Yelp. All this data helps me craft copy that channels the voice of your target audience.

I consider myself to be a good writer. Will it really make a difference hiring you as opposed to writing my sales page myself?

If you're a good writer, you might be able to put something together yourself. The difference is that I've worked on more than 20 sales page and I've trained for six years as a conversion copywriter. I've studied how users react to different hooks and I know what type of button copy will get the click. I've generated hundreds of thousands of dollars with my copy. It takes more than good writing to make a $297 sale. It takes a conversion copywriter.

I want to work with you but I'm on a budget. Can you still help?

If you're on a budget but want to work with me, I recommend booking a free consultation so we can discuss your options. I occasionally train interns who will deliver your sales copy at a lower price. All work delivered by interns is overlooked by me.

Do you take on every client you work with?

In short... no. I only work with clients that I know I can deliver results for. If after reviewing your offer I don't think we are a good fit, I will do my best to refer you to someone else. I also have a limited number of slots available each week. So if you like what you see, book a call to reserve a spot on my timetable before it fills up.


Done For You Sales Page Copy

Sales page copy that sells well

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 ONLY $1895 until July 30th*

*$2895 after July 30th