SEO content marketing that attracts paying customers, indefinitely.

Drive targeted traffic to your site without social media or paid ads.

Discover how APT Content can help you attract more of the right clients.


Attract more of your ideal prospects by tapping into the queries they are already searching for

Cold emailing or sending out DM's

Build trust and increase authority by providing valuable content that ranks on Google

The pressure to produce consistent content

Create an indefinite flow of traffic even when you are taking a break from social media or are on vacation

Building a funnel, hosting webinars, or running paid ads


Pssst... I know what your ideal clients are typing into Google.

Let's help them find what they are looking for... because it might be YOU.

The Research Stage

Every content asset is built on a strong keyword strategy. 

I use a mix of professional SEO software and research practices to find out what terms your ideal avatars are searching for. These key phrases will form the foundations of your content assets. Using a process called skyscraper content, I will reverse engineer the top-ranking articles in your niche to find out what keywords I need to include so you can outrank them.

The Writing Stage

Articles written specially for your target audience.

In 2021, the Google algorithm prioritizes user experience. But what does this mean?


 To put it bluntly, poorly written articles no longer rank like they used to. Blatant keyword stuffing and sketchy backlink-building is over.


The solution is to write content that engages your audience, not just Google bots. Engaging content gets fewer bounces, more returning visitors, and more social media shares.


This is why I deliver high-quality articles that are engineered with your target audience in mind. 

The Optimization 

Content that is optimized in all the right places.

I handle the technical details that are necessary to outperform your competitors. When people see your listing on Google, they will know exactly what your post is about and will be more likely to click on your site over somebody else's. I don't try to "trick" the Google algorithm. I work with it to make sure the right people are seeing your content.

✨ Need results right now? Let's not wait.✨

SEO doesn't work its magic overnight. While Google crawls in the background, I will show you how you can repurpose your new content assets to create powerful social media content. That way, you can start pulling in new traffic from day one and stop fretting over what to post on your socials. 

Here's what my happy clients are saying...

"We were very pleased with Abi's work. She accommodated our schedules and was super thorough in our discussions. Abi asked questions about our business and marketing strategies that opened avenues which were previously unknown. She saved us a ton of money, while delivering the work in a timely manner. We're delighted to have found and plan to keep her SEO expertise on board!"


Jaynie Henely and Holly Severson

Co-founders at Grace Untethered, Inc.

I help new sites start ranking FAST.

More search engine impressions

More site visitors

More opportunities to monetize

We will drive traffic to your website and engage your visitors once they get there. We work with you to make sure all our content reinforces your brand messaging and leaves visitors with the right impression. All content is 100% yours to repurpose, share, and monetize.


FOUR content assets (1200+ words)

Assets optimized for your target audience

Optimized SEO titles, meta-tags, H1 & H2, alt tags, snippets

Consultation to discuss backlink strategy & content goals

Up to 120+ keywords

Implemented directly onto your platform


How to repurpose your content for social media

 $795 per month

Are you ready to start bringing in consistent traffic from NEW prospects with the support of an SEO content marketing expert?

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