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The SEO Content Marketing Solution

 Get Highly Targeted Online Traffic Without A Single Paid Ad


Position yourself as an expert from the start

When prospects discover you via an article that helps them solve a problem, they automatically see you as an expert.

You're no longer competing for their trust on an overcrowded Facebook group. You've already got it.


You've also got an SEO expert taking care of the competition for you. 

With SEO Content marketing, your customer's journey starts with a Google search.


I predict what your prospects are searching for and use authoritative content to position you as an expert right before I  drive them to your offer. 

Pssst... I know what your ideal clients are typing into Google.

Let's use that insider knowledge to build killer content that drives them straight to your offer.

PHASE ONE: Targeting

Every content asset is built on a strong keyword strategy. 

In a 30-minute session, we pinpoint how we can use your ideal avatar/s to theme your blog posts. We discuss the problems and solutions they are searching for to determine the direction of each post. After the call, I get to work identifying the terms your avatars are searching for. I use the best SEO tools in the business to discover the terms your competitors missed. Finally, I come back with a custom SEO strategy to reel in your target audience with their favorite flavor of bait. 

Financial Chart

PHASE TWO: Content Creation

Content that positions you as an expert.

During this stage, you can sit back and relax while I whip up 1,200+ words of content created specifically for your ideal avatar.

By this point, I've already studied your brand voice and audience well enough to channel your brand voice and speak their language. This all happens long before our first session.

The goal of each content asset is to build trust so when visitors are redirected to your offer, they are already primed for the "Yes!"

PHASE THREE: The Optimization 

Content that is optimized in all the right places.

I handle the technical details that are necessary to outperform your competitors. After 7 years in the game and thousands of dollars invested in SEO software and training, getting you on Google is the easy part. I don't try to "trick" the Google algorithm. I work with it to make sure the right people have eyes on your content.

Finance Chart

✨ BONUS #1: Social Media Content Planner ✨

SEO doesn't work its magic overnight. While Google crawls in the background, I will share a 30-minute video that shows you how you can repurpose your new content assets to create powerful social media content. That way, you can start pulling in new traffic from day one and stop fretting over what to post on your socials. 

✨ BONUS #2: Track Your Progress ✨

I’ll show you how to monitor your site traffic using Google Search Console so you can see how your content is performing and where your new articles are ranking. You can use this data to predict your growth and scale accordingly. High-quality blog posts tend to perform better and better over time.

 works around the clock so you don't have to.

google icon.png



Attract more of your ideal prospects by tapping into the queries they are already searching for

Cold emailing or sending out DM's

Build trust and increase authority by providing valuable content that ranks on Google

The pressure to produce consistent social media  content

Create an indefinite flow of traffic even when you are taking a break from social media or are on vacation

Building a funnel, hosting webinars, or running paid ads

Here's what my happy clients are saying...

grace and jaynie.jpg
grace and jaynie.jpg

"We were very pleased with Abi's work. She accommodated our schedules and was super thorough in our discussions. Abi asked questions about our business and marketing strategies that opened avenues which were previously unknown. She saved us a ton of money, while delivering the work in a timely manner. We're delighted to have found and plan to keep her SEO expertise on board!"


Jaynie Henely and Holly Severson

Co-founders at Grace Untethered, Inc.

lovely ben.jpg

"I recently watched Abi take our brand new website from 0 to 10,000+ impressions in less than three months. The way we're going, I'm predicting 5,000+ new visitors each month by the time we hit the 6-month mark. Not only has Abi generated an ROI for our business in 12 weeks, but she's also taught me tons about how to generate valuable SEO content in the future. I'm so excited to see where her posts will rank a year from now."


Ben Saffell

Editor at APT Travel

Highly-targeted audience

Authority-building content

More paying customers

Your dust-collecting blog just became your business's most valuable asset. Attracting and winning over your ideal prospects has never been easier.


FOUR unique content assets (1200+ words each)

Assets themed and optimized for your target audience

Optimized SEO titles, meta-tags, H1 & H2, alt tags, snippets

Consultation to discuss longterm SEO strategy and goals

Up to 120+ keywords (that's LOTS of opportunities to rank!)

Content implemented directly onto your platform (just hit publish!)



How to repurpose your content for social media

How to analyze your incoming traffic

Monthly revisions on any article you'd like to update

 $1695 per month

Are you ready to start consistently attracting more paying clients without running a single ad?

Four branded content assets each month. Built to drive your target audience to your offer. Limited availability. Save your space below!

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