Freelance Copywriting: What To Expect When It Comes To Pricing

My aim is to provide high-quality services that are affordable for growing businesses. I'm hooked on content marketing that helps passionate people make their business sustainable in the longterm.


This means that I don't approve orders from every single client I get an email from. 

Copywriters frequently claim to write "results-driven content" but often underestimate what this really means. Delivering content that actively works to increase your ROI needs to emerge from an understanding of your brand and your marketing goals. If you ask me to write five blog posts, I will first ask you what you aim to achieve with these blog posts.


If you want blogs that people will share on social media, the content I write will vastly differ from a keyword-rich post designed to increase search engine traffic.


When you work with me, the strategy is included in the content.

All of my pricing is done on an individual basis and factors in requirements in terms of research, branding,  ​and SEO. I've briefly outlined my price points below to give you an idea of what I charge. Please note that I aim to consult all prospective clients before sending an individual price quote.

Your marketing budget is precious. Let me help you put it to good use.


Prices start from $50 per blog. All blogs are goal-orientated and brand-focused.


SEO Web Page

Optimized web pages start at $100. These pages generate traffic directly from Google searches via indexing on SERPs.


Optimized content starts at $100 per post. Keyword inclusion and indexing guarantee.


For just $125, I will create a personalized and comprehensive social media strategy so you can achieve your marketing goals DIY style.


Landing pages start at $100. My copy leads visitors towards the sale and pulls the trigger.


Prices start at $65 for digital and print ad copy. Invest in strong ad copy that gets clicks, shares and sales, not just likes.


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